Monday, October 31, 2011

Sunday, October 30, 2011

no. 91 - One of my Most Favorites

This is one of my favorite photos of my project.
It almost looks like I am looking at my reflection - but I'm not.
That's soupatraveler.
This was the last night of camp and we were in the lab and we decided to do an "i am here" / "from where i stand" shot. We both had on our brown boots (not planned), I thought to stand on the blankets and Holly thought to turn one over to the opposite color.
I love it when magic happens.
My favorite because of the colors, the patterns and the similarities between us both.

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Friday, October 28, 2011

no. 90

Wonderful things will happen when you listen to that little voice.
Never did i think that any sort of personal connection would come from photographing my feet, yet here I was with Holly on this foggy day with our feet in the sand with the cold waves rippling over our toes.

Who she was to me: a photographer living on the other side of the United States, one of my online friends who I shared photography comments with and the person who started the "from where I stand" group, which she graciously allowed me to moderate with her.

photo courtesy of Mae Lee Hacking (what a different perspective for me!)

My "I am here project" led me to "meet" and cross paths with

And yet here we are.

My two little feet in photos were actually connecting me to real people, IN REAL LIFE, which was both strange and exciting at the same time. Lucky for me Holly is awesome (as I suspected she would be).

I'm so happy to have made this connection. The world now seems much smaller than I previously thought it was.

What this means to me. 
Believe in what you do. There is a little voice telling you to do uncomfortable-out of the ordinary things that other people may not understand - like taking photos of your feet.
The little voice is right, follow it because it will lead you to where you should be and connect you to people to whom you should meet.
I belonged on that beach that day with Holly, and with all of the other shutter sisters there that day.

(A quick sidenote - Two of the photos here were taken by two other photographers who were also there that day. I did not realize at the time that anyone else was taking photos of us. Mae and Angie it was so amazing to see, from your photos, a different side of this project. I've shot over a hundred of these photos but I am only ever looking down at my feet, I have never viewed this from any other angle. Through your photos I saw how other people see me - and I got to see myself in the process. This was really, really interesting to me. Thank you for capturing this moment and letting me share it here.)

photo courtesy of Angie D. (thank you Anngeedee!)

Right now my little voice is telling me that this moment is yet another piece of my puzzle that will connect me to much more - what more? I'm not sure.
However, I am definitely up for the journey.

i am here.
we are here.

To Holly: so happy to have met you in person and to have shared this moment with you. Can you believe we were there?!! Looking forward to the next time. =)

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Coming up...One of my favorite all time photos of this project (and Holly is a huge part of it...stay tuned!)