Sunday, January 31, 2010

Saturday, January 30, 2010

what is the "i am here project"?

i had an idea
This idea has been floating around my head for at least a year. As you may know I love to photograph plants (ah-hem plug for here).
To find interesting plant subjects I'm usually looking down, right around where my feet are, and there have been times when I've thought "what a nice pic that would make with my shoes and the plants" (doesn't everyone think like this?). From that the idea grew.

this was not my idea
I'm sure I have seen this done somewhere, on a commercial or in print somewhere. The idea is not unique and is probably taught in every photo 101 class (I never took photo 101 so here is my time to shine!).
This will be my interpretation, from my point of view, from my experiences.

is this weird?
um, my husband thinks so.

great expectations
The challenge is to make it interesting. My hope is to photograph my feet in exotic beach sands, or dangling from a high cliff or perhaps alongside a baby white tiger.
This is the hope, and anything is possible.