Monday, February 14, 2011

Celebrating ONE!

Year one of the "i am here project" is now complete!
This project chronicles my journeys, from a feet perspective, throughout the year.
When I started this project, I didn't know exactly what to expect.
I put no pressure on myself to photograph my feet every day or even every week.
My goal was to challenge myself to find interesting compositions to fit within my predefined format.

Before we get into the what, whys and hows …

This just in!
In exciting news some of my photos have been picked up by Chronicle Books and will be published in a Shoegazing notecards set. Along with other artists this collection is scheduled for publication in FALL 2011.
Yay me!

Now back to the what, whys and hows …

the concept
The i am here project is a photo journal of where i have been. Photos will show only my feet and where they were planted for a moment in time.

the formula
My feet always had to be in the same place and it was the world that needed to change around them. It started off being a square format with my feet at the bottom center. You'll see I changed this up a bit at the end.
(Hey it's my project and I can change the rules when I want to.)

take aways
- I learned to pause, be in the moment and appreciate where I was at
- It forced me to focus on composition within a box
- It helped open my eyes to see photography opportunities (one baby's bath is one mama's photo opportunity)
- Taught me to take my camera everywhere (the moment you don't is when something amazing will happen).
- Encouraged me get out of the house, see and experience more


no. 43 - the clown one
It was my first (and only) stranger experience. It was a bit odd standing tummy to tummy with a stranger however this guy was in a clown suit, so who was the strange one in this scenario?
(secret fact - that heart on the shoe says "jesus loves you")

no. 51 - the yellow brick road
This was taken at the Wynn casino in Las Vegas. From the moment I walked in, the angels sang and trumpets sounded - I looked down and saw that I had hit the "i am here" jackpot! So much beautiful tile work to be found.
Stop by next time you are in Vegas - there is so much eye candy above and below you won't regret it.

what's next?
The project will continue. It's a no pressure project for me that I enjoy doing and will continue to do so until it becomes no fun.
I also plan on publishing a coffee table book for myself to document year one.

future goals
Although I did not shoot my feet with a white tiger or dangle off a cliff I did visit a couple of beaches, met a few dogs, and jumped into an empty bath. This year I hope to dangle from something (I'm thinking a ferris wheel might be nice), find a new animal and maybe put my feet in snow. For the record I did plant my feet in snow on one occasion last year - it was only about two inches deep and I happened to not have my camera that day - bummer.

I'm excited to have completed one year and look forward to seeing where my feet will take me next. Stay tuned...